Projetct Orion battleship

Jan 1, 1970
Columbus, Ohio
Hey.... are those Stealth planes on that thing??? looks pretty close! Kinda scarry that they had a design for something simular to stealth back in the 60's..... but not too unexpected at the same time. Shit.... if I had $160 I'd order it in a heartbeat.

Closet Racist

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Aug 2, 2004
Vortex 4.
Not stealth planes, just tiny black re-entry vehicles/shuttles.

One of my associates commissioned me to scratchbuild something just like this but he went all "newly Catholic/ultra right-wing Republican/self-loathing because he had one abortion to his credit" and tried to tell me how to do my job and I told him to fuck off...

Thinking about getting one myself.