Newbies read this - Everyone Booze Up and Riot!


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Nov 30, 1999
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Greetings Newbies! This thread is your introduction to The Astrobar! You don't really need to read this thread, as the concept of the Astro Bar is pretty simple - have fun and respect your fellow patrons! But we feel it to be important that new patrons to further understand what the bar is about. We used to relay all this information in the Official Astrobar Welcome, but that custom got lost along the way, so instead, we compiled this thread.

As with all things, the Astrobar (AB or just "The Bar" for short) Patrons have put work into making this thread, so please, read on!
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The Astrobar Rules of Conduct? Pretty simple:

1. Respect others and be respected.

This above all else is the first "rule" here.

2. Take your fights outside.

This means if you have any gripes or bitches, take it up with that poster via PM or e-mail. With the net there are any number of venue's for you to
get in a pissing match with someone else. All of which are not this place. USE THEM!

3. "The first drink is on The Lensman", has apparently been changed to "ALL drinks are on The Lensman".

Ahh, you guys are worth it! 8)

4. Have FUN! That's what you're here for, isn't it?

That's about it, as far as I can remember. I'm buzzing right now, and those sum up pretty much all I can recall! :p


I'd lurked on TrekBBS a couple of times and saw some bar threads where people just seemed to goof off and genuinely have fun. I thought that it'd be great if we could do that at Trekweb, a place that at the time had been described by some other BBS people as "A walk through the roughest part of town".

Two forums had gone over thirty days with 0 posts, so I decided to try starting up a bar thread in one of them, with the intent to hijack the forum and make it into something where people could hang out and relax. Since some old poster left TW because of hostility, and some new said they never felt at home there and left, I felt that such a thing might even help TW. And if successful, get it's own forum. At TrekBBS, you have people who'll post in one or two forums without ever going to the others. It's still board traffic, and that's what I was going for.

Two of the forums at Trekweb had gone for over thirty days with zero posts, so I picked one at random and posted an invitation for people to come and join me for a drink. So excited for this were people that no one responded! LOL! But eventually Siroth, then Iamspen showed up. We had some long conversations about flame wars and generally anything that meandered into our brains. Trekker2001 showed up next, then The Visitor. Somewhere during this time the "table and chair" that I described in the original two or three posts became a "bar".

A couple of things back then: We all welcomed a new patron by buying drinks and giving them a handful of coins for the jukebox. In those days, when there were only a few of us, I bought the first drink and gave people a handful of nickels for the jukebox. Over time, during unforseen absences, the others took over. This was the kind of stuff that helped glue our community together. We also voted on everything as well.

I had my own ideas about the whole thing, but I understood that in order for things to work, the group's wishes were paramount. So I've always gone with what the majority wants, and it's been a blast seeing that in action and seeing the spontaneous evolution of things.

Around this time, someone threw out an idea about putting a website to showcase our creative works. And this is when Cujo showed up. I can't recall if I'd seen Cujo on the CB or not. But he volunteered to set up a website for us. And he, along with The Visitor, could really drink!



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The History of the Astro Bar Pt. II: The Great Migration

A while after Cujo's first appearance and the creation of the Astro Bar website, Steve Krutzler started playing around with his BBS's. He changed the FanFic Board's name to the Holodeck, and publicly advertised the Astro Bar (a thing which we had clearly stated we did not want). There were several other reasons for our migration to the Astro Bar 2.0, but, in my mind, this was the primary one.

The Astro Bar 2.0 was a great place, filled with the same people we know and love. Ironically, we seemed to get new regular posters at a faster pace than we did at Trekweb. While some of these posters were just fulfilling their desires to post at a BBS and have since left (ala Hippo), we have also chained some of them to a chair and forced them to stay (ala Sirgets).

Then, with no warning, xsorbit fucked up...



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Nov 30, 1999
Shitsville, CF63
.....This Xsorbit fuck up was no usual temporary loss of service problem (which we had experienced fairly regularly), xsorbit had somehow managed to completely delete the board that Cujo was paying them $80/a year for. This came without warning, and suddenly we all were left homeless and confused.

During the down time, Arik, then known as "The Visitor" had taken the initiative amd set up a new BBS on his own paid webspace, and it took some time, but eventually, through the magic of IM services and our own natural instincts (i.e. if all else fails, try Trekweb), we all made it back here, barring a couple of patrons we lost along the way. We have still yet to hear from Starchild or Siroth, but everyone else is still here, and we have gained far more than we have lost along the way.

We have come far from our origins; We were once a small group of posters who gathered in an unused part of a big BBS, The AstroBar was just a little place we would stop by whilst reading Trekweb, now we are our own BBS, the first place our partons go when they log onto the net, with our own Domain name, and soon to be an accompanying website.

We've all put a little of ourselves into this place, and as long as we care about talking nonsense and pretending to drink, the AstroBar will continue.

Long Live The Astrobar!


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Jan 13, 2006
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Cymro said:
You need 25 minimum posts to play in the arcade.

After that, you need to continue to participate in the community to play in the arcade.
Hmmm... not that I'm dying to try the Arcade, but I have well over 25 posts, and I'm still not allowed to play there.

The system must not like me.


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I think my posting time here is divided into two times. When I'm drinking, and when I'm just waking up at the coffee buzz is kicking in.

There's the odd time that I'll post something without either of these two situations, but generally it's one or the other.


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Whoa, I don't remember posting those vids. I like Reel Big Fish, yes, but they don't even make sense... at all!

I could understand if this was Beer or something. But this? Also, they were not panned to the left for me (just edited the mess).

Finally, the last sentence of that post didn't make sense.

Oh man, I had to be quite drunk(a possibility, went to bed at around noon yesterday)!
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