Marvel's recent cartoons.


The Awesome One
Jan 1, 1970
Canada eh!
I've been watching a few of the Avengers related cartoons that have come out in recent years. For example I'm currently watching "Marvel's Avengers Assemble".

Some of them are pretty decent. This one I'm only 3 episodes in and there's only two things that bother me. They added Falcon as an Avenger and put him a ridiculous costume. To add insult to injury, the character had a choice in the first episode on the Falcon armour (Stark built it in this show) or War Machine. And he picks the fucking bird.. But I digress..

My real issue is with Hulk. In most of the cartoons I've watched, from the ones that are clearly aimed at young children, to the ones that are intended for an older audience, they always have Hulk speaking in complete, well reasoned sentences.

I mean, I know Hulk can talk, sure. But it should be limited to 2 or 3 syllable sentences. Not stuff like "No one swallow goldilocks while Hulk around!" (I kid you not, it was just said.)

Fucking irritates the hell out of me.

So yeah, that's my rant.