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May 11, 2020
Battery modelWOO 703443
Nominal voltage3.7V
Minimum capacity1100mAh(0.2C discharge)
Typical capacity1100mAh(0.2C discharge)
Charging voltage4.2V
Discharging cut-off voltage3.0V
Standard charging0.2C /4.2V
Max charging1.0C /4.2V
Standard discharging0.2C/3.0V
Max dischargingcontinuous discharge1.0C/3.0V
non-continuous discharge2.0C/3.0V
Shipment voltage≥3.85V
Battery pack impedance≤90mΩ
Operating temperatureCharging: 0°C ~ 45°C
Discharging: -20°C ~60°C
Storage (At 50% SOC and specified temp, recoverable capacity in % vs time )-10℃~25℃(12 months ≥85% )
-10℃~45℃(6 months ≥85% )
-10℃~55℃(1 month ≥90% )
20±5℃is the recommended storage temperature
Visual InspectionThere should not be any remarkable scratches, cracks, bolts, cauterization, deformations, swelling , leakage and so on the surface of the cell.
Reference standardGB/T 18287-2013,IEC/EN61960,UL1642
Why choose us
Lithium-ion Battery VS SLA Battery
LFP BatterySLA BatteryRemark
Weighthigh energy density: 110-120Wh/kg, leads to a smaller size and lighter weightlow energy density: 32-37Wh/kgLFP battery is about 70% size and weight of SLA battery, lower the total weight of application
Cycle life4000 cycles and more400-500 cyclesLFP can be used for almost 10 years; SLA can only last for max. 2 years
Capacity Utilization80 to 100% 50 to 60% Capacity Utilization
Efficiencyallows for the same amp hours both in and outvoltage drops quickly and reduces the batteries' capacity while charging and rapid dischargingLFP battery has almost 100% efficiency while SLA battery has only maximum 75% efficiency
CostUp to 8 times the cycle life compared to equivalent SLAA low upfront cost, but a high cost of ownership in long runLower total cost of ownership
Environmental effectclean technology, safer and more environment friendly contains the heavy metal - leadLFP is environment friendly
Safety Test
Water Immersion Test Tumbling Test
Mechnical Tst-Mechnical ShockSalt Spray Test
Our Certifications
Our company is approved by ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS16949, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.All our cells are certificated by safety or performance test, like UL, CE, IEC62133, IEC62619, UN38.3, MSDS, BIS and so on.

About Woo Enerty TECH.
WOO ENERGY TECHNOLOGY LTD has founded in 2008, registered capital of 3 million yuan, located in Pingshan district Shenzhen Guangdong Province China. Area of 6000 square meters. we are professional lithium battery module system solutions provider in china. we focus on providing customers with safe, light and durable green energy products. With continuous innovation, R&D and design ability, excellent cost control ability and strong resource integration ability, we have developed into a highly competitive enterprise in the lithium battery industry.
Our main products cover the LiFePO4 and lithium ion cylinder power battery, energy storage battery, mainly used in the fields of safety, solar street lamp, lawn lamp, communication, portable energy storage system and home energy storage system.
We strictly implement the ISO9001 quality standard system, and have passed various tests and certification of many domestic and foreign authoritative inspection institutions, such as PONY, MCM, NTEK. Our products meet the safety and environmental requirements of MSDS, UL, UN38.3, ROSH, etc.
With high-quality products, high-quality professional team and perfect after-sales service system, we are committed to providing customers with satisfactory products and services. We will work hard to provide high-quality energy system solutions for lithium batteries with accurate positioning, timely assessment and opportunities, and continuously promote the development of green new energy.LI-POLYMER Battery manufacturers