Knock Knock ... anyone home?

But no, Spen's not a hipster....
...or is he?

Sorry to hear all that stuff you went through Stag! Yeah, I too thought my life had been somewhat difficult these last few years. Turns out, not so much, all things considered.

in other news HOLY SHIT! I can't believe the last time I was here was 2008! I think when I stopped in then about the same amount of time (give or take) had passed since my last visit. I'm still amazed that Spen is nearing 30 since I tend to think of him as 18! At this rate he'll be pushing 40, with a mortgage, alimony payments and high blood pressure issues the next time I stop in! Amazingly, I got my password right on the first try! Even more amazing was the fact that I couldn't remember it and said "fuck it, let's try ....." while expecting the "wrong password" screen to come up.