IP Litigation

Jan 13, 2021
Quanzhou Guocai Trademark Office, founded in July 2005, is a registered firm in National Intellectual Property Administration .Providing professional intellectual property services to domestic and foreign customers, including Trademark Registration, Trademark Disputes, Patent applications, Patent protection, Copyright protection, Software copyright registration, Domain name registration, Intellectual property legal litigation, Anti-unfair competition, Technology and intellectual property transfer and other services.
Firm Overview
Since Guocai firm establishment in 2005 by Ms.Ke, the company has focused on intellectual property services, mainly Trademark registration and Patent applications, Until 2010, when Mr. Yan's team joined, expanding intellectual property administrative litigation and related intellectual property legal disputes, to provide IP services to more than 90 countries customer around the world.
Our Trademark Team
The trade mark team has the professional trademark agency, the trade mark logo designer, the trademark management tracker, the 15-year professional experience team. Providing the trademark search, the legal opinion ,planning scheme of brand protection, to help the customer choose the most market-identifying brand, protected from unfair competition.
Our Patent Team
Patent team has patent agent, drawing technician, patent lawyer, patent translator. Provide strategic advice on patent application and examination to customers, including writing high quality patent application documents for customers that can effectively prevent infringement avoidance and invalid risk.The machinery industry is the most professional.
Our IP Litigation & Dispute Lawyer Team
Led by intellectual property litigation lawyers with experience performance in patent, trademark, copyright, anti-unfair competition and other fields, the intellectual property litigation team provides the most effective and rapid legal solutions for customers around the world.
Our Office
Head office in Wanda office building, the most famous 5A commercial office building in China. It is located in Xiamen Economic Zone and Hokkien Golden Triangle, the most dynamic economic integration industrial district in eastern China, and is also the most intensive area of foreign investment. 10 minutes from the airport and the Quanzhou Train station.
Series of products operated by the company
Trademark Registration / Trademark Renewal / Trademark Change / Trademark Opposition / Trademark Pleading / Trademark Revocation / Trademark License / Trademark Transfer / Copyright Registration / Computer Software Registration / Trademark Cancellation / International Trademark Registration
Invention patent registration / Utility model registration / Appearance patent registration / Patent reexamination / Patent invalidation / Patent search / Patent priority / Patent change / Patent annual fee / International patent
鈼廔ntellectual property litigation
Issue warning letter / Trademark infringement / Patent invalidation / Infringement appraisal / Licensing contract / Customs registration / Domain name dispute / Intellectual property transaction / Trade secret / Unfair competition /
Application Range
Intellectual property, trademark, patent, copyright, Legal advice, court proceedings
Obtained Qualification Certificate
1. Outstanding Trademark Agency Top Ten Patent Agents Outstanding IP Lawyer Service.
2. Owned production equipment.
3. 15 years professional IP team.
4. More than 60 working partners.
5. Cash experience in more than 90 countries.
6. Perfect intellectual property tracking system.
7. Advanced Intellectual Property Inquiry System.
Product Sales Regional Market and Achievements
1. Established in 2005 with a long history.
2. Trademark registration volume.
3. Patent Registration Quanzhou Qianmao.
4. Multiple classic cases of intellectual property litigation.
5. Served the world's most famous sports brand companies and food companies, machinery companies, tea companies.IP Litigation
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