I'm in a pissy ass mood


The Dude
Jan 1, 1970
Fucking HATE the douchebags downstairs. If they don't want to shovel their side of the driveway, that's totally fine with me. But if they take my parking spot ONE more time after I spent two hours out there shoveling our half, I'm having their fucking cars towed. I don't give a shit if they drive a fucking Mercedes and I have a ten-year-old Nissan. When I get home at 1230 in the morning from work, I expect to park in MY fucking parking space that I pay for and that I shoveled.


Fuckin' hate snow.
Jan 1, 1970
Columbus, Ohio
Cymro.... you didn't mention before about the lorries (trucks or "big rigs" as we call them) and the bottle-neck traffic.... ok, that does explain a lot.

As for that train getting stuck, yeah, I think it would be cool to ride it just for the experience of going through an underwater tunnel, but if it got stuck down there, I'd be freaking out about the tunnel collapseing and drownning everyone.

Bean, we get icestorms several times a year, every year... it totally blows, especially when you don't have a garage to park in and your car is coated with 3 inches of ice... shit, I thought I was gonna bust a window trying to get in my car!

Spen... remember a couple of years ago when we got hit with that 20-some inches of snow? My aunt and I were in southern Indiana when it hit. We were scheduled to leave for home when my uncle called us and told us that we might want to hold off driving back. A day or two later when driving home (our route took us though Cincy BTW) we didn't see any snow until we hit Willmington.... you lucky bastard! :D Nice pic BTW.

Every year I'm completely amazed and dumbfounded at the way people around here drive. We get snow every friggn' year so it's not like it's something so totally new and unexpected, and yet so many people get out on the road and act like they've never seen snow before.

All weekend we've been getting "sputterings" of snow, less than an inch on the ground mainly due to it warmming up durring the day and melting, then at night getting cold enough to stick. This morning I got stuck behind an F-150 with over-sized tires... no snow on the streets as it wasn't cold enough to stick there (only in people's lawns is where it stuck) and the jerkf off was doing 15 mph the entire way!

Oh yeah! Bean... the only reason I've experienced a total spin-out once in my life is because when it happened, I was a "new driver" and my first experience driving in the snow. I was on a empty 2-lane road that had huge drop-offs on both sides and no shoulders. I spun around 3 times, ended up on the wrong side of the road and facing the wrong way, how I mannaged to keep my car on the road and avoid the drop-offs I'll never know, but it scared me shitless and said to myself "self, don't EVER do that again!"

I did get stuck in a ditch once, but that only happened because while I was at work the county called a level 3 (it was at a level 2 when I went in) and they had to shut the plant down. The snow plows hadn't made it out yet and I misjudged where the freeway ramp was and turned to early. Lucky for me I was driving my Neon at the time (I still miss my little scoot-moble) and it only took one beefy guy to push from the back while I jammed on the gas to get me out.