I hate the Phone company too!


The Awesome One
Jan 1, 1970
Canada eh!
So I come home from work yesterday, to find that my phone has been disconnected. Although a little annoyed, I wasn't suprised as my bill has gotten pretty high as of late. I was suprised however to find my DSL connection still working. So I called the credit department to arrange payment so I could have the phone reconnected. Our local phone co union is on strike however, so the credit dept isn't taking calls. Great, I thought. Oh well, my internet still works and I still have my cellular.

So I come home for luch today and see the light flashing onmy phone tha there was a new call. A little intrigued at the idea that someone called (a number that's been disconnected) I checked. Sure enough, there was one call made this morning from a private number. I thought nothing of it, must have just been a mistake having it switched off. So I go about my lunch browsing the net and such.

However, it kept nagging at me, so I picked up the phone and dialed my cell, just to see if the call would go through, it did BUT, the number that came up on my cell wasn't MY phone number, it was someone elses???

Apparently, now I have someone elses phone hooked up in my apartment. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK! Stupid fucking phone company! This is the last thing I need to be dealing with right now!


Jan 1, 1970
Columbus, Ohio
You know, something simular happened to me once. Come to find out that someone in another apartment spliced into my phone line.

Maybe an old neighbor spliced into yours and forgot to unhook it when they moved, then when the new people moved in, your now connected to their phone line.