F3D Contest Entry


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Nov 30, 1999
Shitsville, CF63
When I got stuck working on that Shuttle for Brikar's project, I started going to this CG website called Foundation 3D for help and advice. They run a monthly "Idea" contest on their forums where winners are decided by forum members in an open vote. The way it works is, they give you a word or a phrase, and for you to make an image based on that using some CG software.

This month's theme is "Lighthouse", and I wasn't going to enter anything until I happened to came up with this quirky idea on Monday, with just a week to go. Here's what I've done so far:


Jan 1, 1970
Columbus, Ohio
Those are cool! I like the one with 2 snails... add a couple more with diffrent colors see how it looks.

But that is a cute idea... his house is on his back and it's lit. What made you think of that?