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Aug 22, 2019
Product description and features of battery remote control bike ride
Everyone has a wings of flying dreams, driving a Harley motorcycle bike may be the closest thing humans have to flying experience on land.
Solemn and rich sense of appearance, shining colors, sitting on such a cool harley motor bike,enjoy wonderful driving experience.
Was born in the United States northwest of Lake Michigan Harley Davidson is the legend of the traditional American manufacturing industry. Experienced war, recession, depression, strikes, buyouts and repurchases, international competition and market changes in the century baptism, Harley-Davidson recorded a vivid American history.
Based on the wonderful driving experience of Harley, battery remote control Hari Motor bike are designed specially for family member fun playing.
remote control Hari Motor bike support 2 players (Parents and children), LED colorful lights design is absolutely attractive to the player.With dynamic music, it makes drivers get much more fun during playing.
1.remote control Hari Motorbike is equipped with 5 balanced wheel and sensitive brake handle to ensure player and motor bike safety.
2.Balance power is clearly shown on the screen, so the operator knows well when the machines needs to be charged.
3.remote control Hari Motor bike with account checking function,so the business owner knows the revenue by everyday,every month.
How to play:
1.first step: turn on the power switch.
2.Second step: press remote control for starting.
3.Third step:step on accelerator pedal to start racing ,operate the steering wheel to control the direction.pedal brake is very sensitive.
4.Music and volume ,speed is easily adjusted on operation panel.
Shared by our customer about battery remote control hari motor bike:
The most popular remote control hari motor bike suitable for shopping mall,game center,amusement park,tourist Area,plaza,indoor,cafe shop.Low investment and high return. Hari motor bike working time can be set 1-99minutes. Seller suggestion: best working time can be set 5-10min,ticket charge US$5-US$8.
FAQ for battery remote control bike ride:
Q1:Are you a battery remote control bike ride china factory?
Yes,we are the origin factory in Guangzhou China for amusement ride.
Q2:are you sell online of battery remote control hari motor bike?
A:yes,we can deal with on the line.respect your option.
Q3: what kinds of floor is good for hari motor bike?
A:any smooth ground, such as: tiles, asphalt, concrete, wood floor
Q4: If the plug follow my request??
A:yes,the voltage and the plug will meet your request. pls send your plug picture to us,we will follow it to you.
China Motorbike Amusement Ride