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Dec 2, 2020
GW40J-2 CNC Steel bar bending machine
This model has been developed by our company's technical department for many years and has changed the defects of traditional bending machines. Its characteristics are as follows:
1. The machine recognizes the data by the computer, and enters the required data into the computer before starting to generate the size of the required material.
2. The electrical part is composed of a combination of a microcomputer and an encoder
3. High accuracy, error within 0.2mm
4. Save labor and time, work efficiently, twice the efficiency of traditional bending machines
5. Easy to operate,
6. The host material is made of 45 carbon structural steel
7. Bending attachment material Cr12, single set of attachment processing material over 10,000 tons.
8. Equipped with anti-leakage device
9. Stable operation and low noise
Bending range6-32mm6-40mm6-50mm
Bending speed锛坮/ min锛?/p>5-10r5-10r5-10r
Motor power3KW3KW4KW
Packing size锛坢m锛?/p>900x850x950960x860x10601050x900x1070
Working disk diameter350mm380mm410mm
Production workshopBar Bender