A couple things to share.


The Dude
Jan 1, 1970
Thought I'd throw these out there... These are my "Strange New Worlds" entries that DIDN'T make the cut.

"The Infinite Perfectionist" - A Borg steps through the Guardian of Forever, shattering and rewriting time into a massive jumble, and only Q, Guinan and a bartender who should be a starship captain named Christopher Pike can put things right.

"The Kobayashi Maru Melancholy" - Geordi La Forge's desperate quest to revive his dead android friend leads him to make questionable moral choices. Is it alright to kill one unique life form to save another?

"Russian Roulette" - The Enterprise is disabled orbiting a planet embroiled in a dangerous cold war. Her engines could overload at any moment, vaporizing one side of the planet, or the other.

"Wagon Train" - In the old West, Army Captain James T. Kirk, Spock, Doc McCoy and the rest of the fighting 1701st try to protect a mining town from a gang of raiders led by a vicious thug named Kang