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Jan 13, 2021
鈼?/strong> Specification
Voltage: 3.2V-48V
Capacity: 600mAh-150Ah
Discharge rate: Normal,2C,3C,5C,10C,20C,etc.
Standard: GB31241-2014,
Certification: CE,UL,ROSH UN38.3, PSE,KE, etc (We can apply for the certificate according to your requirement)
Standard discharge current: 0.2C
Standard charge current: 0.2C
Discharge working temperature: -20-60掳C
Charge working temperature: 0鈩儈45鈩?/p>
Recommended storage temperature: 23卤5掳C
Warranty: 12 months
Maintenance: 120 months
鈼?/strong> Customized Battery Inquiry Form
Before we make the customized battery according to your inquiry, please kindly give the following whole information to us, we will supply the reasonable solution and satisfactory price for you:
Customized notes:
1).Battery requirements: Battery cell material; Battery type; Voltage; Capacity; Outer package; Max size and tolerance; Composing structure; Connector and its direction; Wire length; Wire mode,color and display etc.
2).Parameters: Working voltage range; Normal working current; Max starting current; Starting time; Max continuous current and electricity usage frequency and time.
3).Electrical appliance information; Electrical appliance name; Industry; Application environment; Appliance market positioning etc.
You will fill the Customized battery inquiry form with our service professionals together. If you have any personalized requirements, please kindly tell us by E-mail and pictures. If possible you can also send products to us. We will try our best to meet your demands.
鈼?/strong> Battery Pack Materials
1).18650 lithium ion battery cell
Diameter: 18 + / - 0.2 mm
Length: 65 + / - 2.0 mm
Shape: Cylindrical
Nominal voltage:3.7V/3.2V
Limited charging voltage:4.2V/3.6V
Capacity: Customized
鈪? High capacity
The capacity of 18650 battery pack is generally between 1200 mAh and 3400 mAh and much higher than the capacity of the normal battery.,
鈪?Long life
The normal use cycle life of 18650 battery pack can reach more than 500 times (IFR: 2000 times),which is more than twice as long as the ordinary battery.
鈪? No memory effect
18650 battery pack can be charged and discharged at any time.
鈪? High safety:
18650 lithium ion battery has high safety performance, PTC resistance protection and explosion protection.
C).Charging and discharging process
18650 battery pack is made up of electrolyte, positive and electrodes.The positive electrode releases some ions when the battery is charging. These ions move from the positive electrode to the negative electrode through the electrolyte. After reaching the graphite electrode, it remains there. These ions should move back to the positive electrode during the discharging process. These ions travel through the electrolyte once again, but this time the battery is giving out its power. The movement of the ions from the negative electrode to the positive electrode is what powers the battery.
2).PCM, electronic wire and nickel strips:
PCM (Protection circuit Module): Prevent 18650 lithium ion battery overcharge, over discharge, over current, short circuit.
Wire: High temperature resistance, not easy aging, waterproof.
Nickel strips: Smooth and clean surface, combination of 18650 lithium ion battery through series and parallel connection.
鈼?/strong> Battery Pack
All production materials are ready. According to your detailed requirements, we will make the samples of 18650 battery pack through parallel or series assembly. After your confirmation, we will produce the finished products especially for you. Each single piece of 18650 lithium ion battery pack (100%) has been inspected strictly including quality and safety by us before delivery.
鈼?/strong> Application
Consumer electronics, Power equipment, Commercial equipment, Industrial instruments, Security equipment, Lighting equipment, Medical equipment, Military and police electronic equipment, Solar energy storage equipment, POS machines, LED lamps, etc.3.7v Li-ion Battery suppliers