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    DS9: Season by season.

    Season 1: Michael Piller and Rick Berman set this show up with the best of the Star Trek pilots, with a premise and characters that promise to set it apart from previous Trek shows in many important ways. Then, they kind of forget about all of it for most of the season and just do C-Grade TNG...
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    Fucking about with lightwave again

    I think I got better at the "Light" part at least.
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    I finally watched Caprica

    It was a weird series to watch, and to judge. Never before have I been so conflicted about whether or not I like a series. It was definitely a fail, but an entirely new kind of fail. Every episode, every storyline, every character was somehow really good and really bad at the same time, But the...
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    I might as well post this here too.

    I spent a fair bit of time typing it, so it would be nice if someone reads it. A friend of mine wrote a long post on his blog yesterday about the citing of Stalin and other oppressive communist regimes as examples in critiques of Atheism. The blog post was in Welsh, so I doubt a link to the...
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    DS9 HD discussion

    I'm sick of using the shoutbox for long dicussions, so: DS9 would be nearly as much work as TOS and TNG combined. Remember that TOS benefited from being edited the old fashioned way by cutting and splicing film, so when they did the remasters all they had to do was scan in the original master...
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    Star Trek, This shit just got real...

    So Brikar's Voyager marathon has encouraged me to do my own for the TOS. I've watched a few of these episodes several times, but most of them I've only seen once and it's been a while since I've watched any of them. Because I've downloaded them, I'm watching these in production order, rather...
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    My Homemade Wifi antenna

    Well, my dongle's fucked so I had to switch back to my onboard network card again. So while I was rebuilding my homemade antenna, I thought I'd take some photos. This time I left the plastic skin stuff on the paperclip and managed to get a stable 5 bars = win. And yes, that is a lighter...
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    Do me a favour

    ...Have a search around your computer for a file named "Cymro.mp3", and if whatever shows up happens to be an old midi recording please post it here. Cheers
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    Me Joining a Facebook group is not going to stop child abuse

    And neither is the Facebook group, or any of the associated charities, or the government. The latter two can REDUCE it, but the Facebook group certainly won't, so stop asking me to join, you fucking idiots.
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    Modern Warfare 2 Hacked

    Within 5 days of it's release, hackers managed to unlock the game's developer console and use it to create dedicated serversWhile people using this will probably have their Steam accounts banned by VAC (Valve Anti Cheat), that's fairly pointless as there's apparently a crack out already that...
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    Battlestar Galactica: The Plan

    This was a fun film. As is widely known, it shows the Cylon side of the war, that we never got to see during the first two seasons, and attempts to ret-con the details and setbacks of the Cylon plan, which never actually existed but was mentioned in the opening sequence of each show at the...
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    I actually quite like being unemployed

    It's great except for that constant little worry in the back of my mind that keeps reminding me I only get paid one more time - and even that's mitigated somewhat by the moderate handout I'm getting in the mean time. But do you know what's really shit? Looking for jobs. Not only is filling out...
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    Either these people are very stupid, or have a great sense of humour

    Some of you may have heard that the UK maintains a list of foreign individuals whom are banned from entering the country for promoting hatered. Well, the UK Immigration and Asylum tribunal recently overturned a ban on the Dutch MP Geert Wilders, who was denied entry to the UK last year. He's...
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    Hey, but almost not...

    He was feeling vulnerable at the time
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    F3D Contest Entry

    When I got stuck working on that Shuttle for Brikar's project, I started going to this CG website called Foundation 3D for help and advice. They run a monthly "Idea" contest on their forums where winners are decided by forum members in an open vote. The way it works is, they give you a word or a...
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    EA Take-Two takeover bid? How didn't I hear about that?

    I just accidentally stumbled on this story from last year. What the fuck? How phenomenally bad would that have turned out? Jesus. Why can't psychos go shoot up board rooms instead of schools?
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    Forgive me, I'm a bad driver

    So, I'm playing GTA IV, I get busted and lose all my weapons, so in frustration I go on a rampage, running down peds in a cop car. Anyway, completely by accident, the coolest thing happens and I saved the clip. I also decided to give GTA's built-in video editor a go, it's fun. Forgive me, I'm...
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    Black Mesa Source trailer released

    Black Mesa: A Half-Life 2 modification - Home (note: download one of the Hi-Res ones) This looks so well done it's hard to believe it's not a commercial release, and they've finally said it'll be ready next year (so 2010). It's been ages since I played the original so it'll be awesome to...
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    Pub Fact: How awesome would it be to be this guy?

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    Watch out Canada!

    Mwahahahaha! BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Beavers breed again in England