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    You'll have to excuse our relatively empty forums. We're still a viable community, I promise, we just usually make fun of each other in the Shoutbox.
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    Bockfest - an Astrobar original text-based documentary

    Bockfest, an annual Cincinnati festival celebrating the ability of Cincinnatians to get boozed up by encouraging them to get boozed up, takes place next weekend. The festival was created to celebrate the beginning of bock season, when German monks began brewing dark, nutritious, high-alcohol...
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    Kickin' back

    (iamspen puts a nickel in the jukebox - or however goddamn much that thing costs nowadays - and plays Let's Go by The Worsties, a far less emo band than their name would imply, grabs a beer from the Barkeep, walks over to a booth, and kicks back.) I'm at work, and I've run out of work. I got...
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    wtf moments

    The first sentence of a local news article I read today reads as follows: "While they still don’t know how she died, authorities say the 15-year-old girl who was found dead outside her apartment early Sunday was not killed." WHAT THE FUCK! YES, SHE WAS MOST CERTAINLY KILLED, AS SHE IS NOW...
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    Who wants to write a book in thirty days?

    It started today, but I figured I'd bring it up, anyway. It seems there's enough creativity and unemployment around here for someone to at least think about accepting this challenge. Makeshift Novelists It's been organized by my friend, Katie. Upset that she missed National Novel Writing...
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    The Uncanny Valley is an audible sensation, too!

    A robot brass quartet: YouTube - Toyota's Robot Quartet Band The "music" they create is absolutely grotesque. The chilling calculating qualities left me quite uncomfortable. It's clear that robots simply cannot properly mimic human musical instincts.
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    Hey, but almost not...

    Speak for yourself. I live in Ohio, too, but am hardly a Buckeye. That would insinuate that I either a.) affiliate myself with the rest of the state of Ohio, and I don't because I live in Cincinnati and we're practically a separate city-state, or b.) that I like Ohio State, and Ohio State can...
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    Hey, but almost not...

    *Raises a Christian Moerlein Lager House* Welcome, Tup. Don't mind the Beaver, he's harmless. Just don't give him liquor.
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    Our film for the 48-hour Film Project on YouTube

    Prong, our film. We had exacty 48 hours to write, film, and edit. Every group, there were about 50 of them, drew genres from a hat. We drew horror. Every group had to use a specified prop, a fork; a given line, "What the hell is this?" and a given character, factory worker Len or Lynn Pellaton...
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    Perfect for Bean!

    In fact, he's probably tried some of these recipes. Natural Harvest - A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes by Fotie Photenhauer (Book) in Cooking
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    Wrote a story.

    Haven't really written anything in years. I just finished this one up, and though I'll peruse it again tomorrow, I'm fairly happy with my initial results. The title, on the other hand, is currently rather wretched, and I'll probably change it sometime when it's not 5 in the morning. Read it...
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    I hereby declare war on

    Please visit and troll their forums with me. The overmoderation there has snuffed out what used to be a legitimate community, and our ragtag group of freedom fighters must show the powers that be that no internet fascism can be tolerated! Besides, the overmoderation is so...
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    For linking purposes

    I'm going to egg on Amy. It'll be fantastic.
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    An idea. Feedback, please.

    My day at work today was long and tedious, so I came up with a basic plot outline for a comic I'd like to do. I shot the idea at my girlfriend, and she thought it would work better as a novel. So I'll pitch the idea to you guys, tell me what you think. I'm looking for criticism of my ideas as...
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    Something I randomly sketched up

    I can't quite get the left foot right. Hands and feet are a bitch. Edit: I did change the shading on the foot in question a bit, making it worlds better, but I'm not rescanning it because I'm lazy, so you'll have to imagine.
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    Saw Indy tonight. I'd recommend it. Shia LaBeouf did a fantastic job as Mutt, which is quite the opposite of what I expected. It's not the greatest film of the bunch (and may, in fact, be the weakest), but it's still quite an enjoyable film and has a nice sci-fi twist for us nerds. When...
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    Problem The Entertainment forum link... takes me to the Entertainment category. I can't enter the forum at all. Very strange.
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    Say it ain't so!

    Goodbye, my love.
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    In light of the most recent debate...

    I've made this.
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    Say what you will about auto racing...

    ...but Danica Patrick is fucking hot