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    Oh where have all the drunks gone.

    So does anyone ever check here anymore. Just wondering . What is everyone up to these days ?
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    Let's see who still looks here .

    So I have not logged in since June 13 2013 the hell is everyone? Oh yeah you smell BEAN!!!!!!
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    Hey, but almost not...

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    Battles BC

    I dont know if anyone here is a history buff like i kinda am but on the history channel there is a new show called battles BC. Very cool shit ...kinda looks like 300 during some of the battle scenes. Just thought i would throw that out that dont know if anyone really cares.
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    Time for a new Fight

    In honour of a new patron who actually posts....sorry if others have joined and started posting and i didnt notice and since tup is a fellow beaver loving Canuck. * Sirgets hands Tup a Molson Canadian* Cheers buddy * Sirgets chugs his beer* Now lets rumble * Sirgets then smashs the bottle over...
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    Where have all the old guard gone??`

    I was just looking at the list of drunks and was wondering where everyone went. Like Cujo....where the hell is he?? nx47 is another one
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    I was just wondering if anyone else on here watches this also.. i love it . It is my new xfiles
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    Is anyone else on here watching this new show....personally i love it but yet again i love lost so with abrams doing this i knew i would love it too.
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    tech call gone wrong

    As a former tech guy i had to put this up... laughed my fucking ass off!! IT Guy Vs Dumb Employees Video
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    Round ???? Who gives a fuck

    *Sirgets grabs a bar stool and breaks it over beans head* Fuck yeah that feels better!!! *Sirgets grabs a pool cue and breaks it over spens ass* Whooo hooo I WANNA ROCK!!!! Where is that fucking beaver *Sirgets takes off into the kithen looking for the buck toothed ass clown*
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    Has anyone else here become a junkie??
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    Rules and Advice for dealing with a pregnant Wife

    This is a little segmant i think we all need to read and contribute too as i have made some mistakes so far in dealing with my pregnant wife. Things i have said so far and should not have 1. After wife tells me over and over again that she has a headache ...i tell her to man up and go to...
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    Post Whore Like The Good Old Days

    I belive it is time for another story boys and girl.....there you go daxie baby where ever you are ....i will start it ....i am doing this mostly so i can get to 1000 posts....i have some whoring to make up for but dont worry i will make up for ....the army has put so many more sick and twisted...
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    Return of the Great White Dope

    Well hello gentlemen and cymro...long time no talk... Bean made me aware tonight that i had not graced here with my pressence in a long time... so here i am back. Oh yeah and i have news...there is going to be a little sirgets coming into this world around july 19.....yes yes ....someone...
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    Is There Anybody Out There???????
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    Hello everyone

    Just thought i would let everyone know i am still alive.(like you all even noticed i was gone) Well to make a long story short ...i had little time to be on here bacause i was finishing up my course and then i got posted to a new base and moving sucks....just thought i would throw that out...
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    Any of you guys live in NJ

    Im going there in 3 days to snowboard at mountain creek. Just wondering if anyones been there before??
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    Favorite sites to visit

    Ok so as i sit here bored with nothing to do i am sick of going to the same web sites over and over again and i decided to find out what you guys and girl look at. So list them anything from download sites,news,funny shit,sports whatever and hey this wont only make me less bored it may give...
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    not for long