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    Knock Knock ... anyone home?

    What's up drunkards? Been awhile...see some old friends still here. So, how they hanging? What's up with me...hmmm, let's see...been out of touch since...who knows when. But in a nutshell, lost my job, started my own business, got physically destroyed in a bad accident that put me in a...
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    Metallica Fans Sound Off!!

    Local paper here in Orlando posted top 10 Metallica songs... In order from 10 through 1 10- Creeping Death 9- Wherever I May Roam 8- Enter Sandman 7- For Whom the Bell Tolls 6- Fade to Black 5- Battery 4- Seek and Destroy 3- Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 2- One and...
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    BSG Finale

    Thoughts?? Lots to like here - thought the story was good, Kara Thrace ending is the only exception. Good battles, great Cavil death scene, old school cylons, Earth, etc..
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    Would you rather be...

    A chick with a really smelly pussy due to some medical condition or a guy with a little dick? Which is more embarrassing?
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    Anyone watch Primevel?

    New to the US BBC-America channel is this sci-fi show. Caught a couple episodes while housebound due to Tropical Storm Fay. Not bad, some parts are a bit of a reach but I find it fairly entertaining. Thoughts?
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    Of Gods and Men, Part 2

    Well, I think I would like it, at least better then part 1 but shit after the 4th time getting booted out of it due to some technical glitch and Dragonfly shitty interface not allowing fast forward or rewind, I have to start from the very beginning each time. Forget this.
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    STS-123 Launch

    Going to the launch tonight folks. One of the last if not the last shuttle night launch. Plan to take some better shots then last time. Stay tuned. Launch scheduled for 2:28 am EST.
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    ANyone see the new Knight Rider movie?

    Did you like it?
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    Where The Hell Is Cogley??

    Just wonderin'? Sam, where you be?
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    Saw the Space Shuttle launch today

    One of the benefits of living in Florida and 20 minutes from Cape Canaveral is that I can see every launch from my backyard or drive over and watch them on the Air Force base. I went over today and took the following pictures. They are not great but I thought you might like to see them. I...
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    Found this on YouTube

    I was poking around YouTube this morning and came across this fan made Trek11 teaser/trailer/whatever. It is probably about a minute to long but the first minute and fifteen seconds or so is a pretty nice piece of work, check it out...
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    Of Gods and Men part 1

    Minor spoilers below - if you care Did anyone see this fan film (or whatever the hell they are calling it)? I watched it yesterday and I have to say I was pretty disappointed. With all the hype that has been surrounding this project I expected alot more. This was poor compared to New Voyages...
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    Daxie, where the fuck are you?

    Whatever happened to Daxie? Anyone know?
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    Transformers Movie Review - no spoilers

    Just got back, it is late so I won't get into Brikar-like detail. He can do it far better then me. I will tell you I have not enjoyed a movie like this for quite a while. I admit I do not know much of the Transformer canon (if you will) but I know the basics. High Points -Effects were...
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    It is time...

    To call you all bitches... "...bitches..." Thank you
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    Star Trek HD

    So that cat is apparently out of the bag. Mike Okuda has been working behind the scenes to enhance the SFX on TOS TREK for High Def viewing. The new eps premier on HDNet (I think) the week of September 16th and will be shown once a week in no particular order. Thoughts? Here is a link from...
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    Belated SW ep 3 thoughts

    OK, watched SW ep 3 again over the weekend and I had a thought that was not brought up at the time the movie was out. When Palpatine tells Anakin that the dark side could manipulate midichlorans to create life, everyone I believe was talking about Palpatine hinting that he had a hand in creating...
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    Hey Cujo...CHEERS!!!

    I just read your post on TW about how it has de-evolved into a shithole....nice job fella, let me tussle your hair and buy you a beer.
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    The End is near...

    ..well folks, the movign truck shows up on 2/28 and with that I make my move south to Florida. I will miss NY and all the fun I have had hear over my lifetime, but I am looking forward to the new house, the new job and an entire new herd of pussy to wade through. This has been pretty...
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    I'm turning 40

    Jeesus fucking christ...On Saturday the 3rd of December, Stag will turn 40 years old. I cannot fucking believe it. I don't look it...I don't feel it...I still party pretty hard and get laid fairly regularly...where does the goddamn time go. So, now that I am turning 40, what will I be...