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    Geez Guys!

    So I get a chance to get to the library to get some "net" time.... (hey! new keybords yea!) and I decide to check up on you guys to see what kind of fun and slam fests I've been missing.... nobody's posted shit since I left! WTF guys? is it really THAT boring around here without me? (yeah, I'm...
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    Well guys, been fun

    I'm calling webtv today to have my service cancelled. I just can't justify paying $23/mo for something when I can only access a handful of sites. It was kinda cool for the first month or two, but it's gotten verry borring now. Hell, the only good site I can access on this thing is here and as...
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    Asshole bill collectors

    I keep getting calls from these dumbfuck asshole bill collectors for a hospital bill (anistesia to be excat).... what part of BANKRUPTCY do these fuckers not understand??? I even sent them the letters showing that the bankruptcy was filed along with the attorny's contact information. The...
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    I haven't seen it yet and I'm wondering if anyone here has. I'm debating if it's worth spending out the money to see it on "the big screen" or if I should wait for it to come out on DVD. This morning a couple of DJ's were talking about it and said that poeple who have gone to see it in the...
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    ST Generations

    Star Trek Generations was on tv this afternoon (network). It was stiil good, but not as great considering that it was on network, but there wasn't anything else on at the time so what the hell I guess. I really did miss hearing Data saying "Oh shit!", which was the funniest part of the movie...
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    .... I wonder what the 'V' stands for and don't say Vandenta....
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    I'm in a pissy ass mood

    *Dax stomps into bar, downs 3 shots of tequilla back-to-back-to-back* I'm in a pissy ass mood and ready to fight! *Throws a right hook at the closest person* C'mon bitches... let's do this!
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    because CBS cares

    CBS has been running a couple of commercials with a man saying that the best present you can give your wife for Christmas this year is to call her doctor and schedule her pap exam. "Because CBS cares!" Uh.... speaking as a woman.... if I had a husband that said to me Christmas morning that my...
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    Obama visits China

    I was watching CBS Nightly News and they were talking about Obama's visit to China to try and get them to bring business' here to create jobs. One of the things they were talking about is how much money China ows us.... but what confussed me was that the reporter made a comment that the US is...
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    I've caught the first 2 eps of the re-hashing of the mid 80's show V. So far pretty much the same as the old, just updated special effects. I liked V back in the day.... I'll give this one a chance. Anyone else watching?
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    You think you're having a bad day!

    Man sinks $1 million car and you KNOW the insurance will dick him on the blue book value.
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    Star Trek DVD

    Newest ST movie is coming out on DVD tomorrow. I actually spent out the money to see it in the theater and was quite disappointed. I don't think I'll buy the DVD... anyone here plan on getting it tomorrow?
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    H1N1 aka Swine Flu shot

    On the news tonight they were doing a bit about all these people lining up for hours and hours and hours to get the shot, and a lot of people turned away because supply ran out. So, I'm wondering... how many of you here are getting/gotten the N1H1 vaccine because of fear of pandemic? How many...
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    People are assholes!

    This was on my local news tonite... One of the churches sells pumpkins for fund raising to help out kids. Sometime last night someone vandalzed the "pumpkin patch" and smashed about $1,000 worth of pumpkins. It's that kid of dumbass shit that makes me want to find out who it was and smack...
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    No reason... just felt like laughing
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    Hey, but almost not...

    "Skiddish Tombs, real skiddish"
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    Hey, but almost not...

    Spen... you know you're as much of a nut-ball as the rest of us, but yeah... you so deep Cincy you might as well be Kentucky... Mmmmm... fried chicken
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    Hey, but almost not...

    Harmless my ass! You know how many times I've triped over that smelly rat stumblng around here drunk? *raises bottle of tequilla* Sup Tup? Don't mind me... I'm a Buckeye.... we're all a little nuts.
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    Heckzy Yeah!

    X-Men Origins Wolverine out on DVD today! I got my copy! :D Hugh Jackman Fuckn'A dudes! :D That's all I'm gonna say 'bout that.... expect... damn, I wish I had blades in my hands like that.
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    Sent to me, thought I'd share

    One day a florist went to a barber for a haircut. After the cut, he asked about his bill, and the barber replied, 'I cannot accept money from you, I'm doing community service this week.' The florist was pleased and left the shop. When the barber went to open his shop the next morning...