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    For the Canadian contingent... and the rest of us

    Found this on a Reddit post:
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    Star Trek Actors Past and Present Combined

    Found this on Reddit. Pretty cool.
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    Winter's just around the corner, eh?

    Bean, Tup, and Sirgets (and maybe Brikar)... something to look forward to:
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    Super Pii Pii Brothers for the Wii

    Super Pii Pii Brothers Be sure to look at the YouTube vid on the ThinkGeek page.
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    Yeah, it can get kinda boring, but on occasion an issue comes up that makes it interesting. For example, I just legalized cannibalism. :jason:
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    Fuck! Fuck!! Fuck!!! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!

    FUCK! :shooting: I thought that might make me feel a bit better, but no. Sometimes the shit just piles up. Sometimes ya just can't get a break. FUCK!
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    ST(R) site issues

    To any interested barmates.... You may have noticed that the ST(R) site is down. The hosting co. is having issues with the back-end database that's affecting all of their web sites (their free ones, anyway), including the reboot site. We'll be upgrading to paid hosting soon (I hope), so that...
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    And so it begins

    *heavy sigh* Today marked the first of several training meetings. We/I get to train the folks in India that are replacing us. What fun. :ohshit:
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    Problem Missing posts

    No... it just ranges from a few seconds to a minute or so, depending on how much I type. It's usually because I want a specific smiley. I'll keep an eye on it, just in case that, like Cymro asked, I'm actually hitting the correct button.
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    Problem Missing posts

    Hey Arik... I've noticed that if I start typing in the Quick Reply box, then hit the Go Advanced button, and then later finish/submit the post, it seems to get lost. Or is it the metal plate in my head?
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    Well, heck

    Welcome Sam!!! What's wrong with the door? Anyway, have a drink- we're using Scorned's PayPal account. :D
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    The new reboot site

    Hey you drunkards! Do a guy a favor, and check out the new Reboot site and tell me what you think. Compliments, complaints, whatever. I think it's about ready to go, but extra grey matter never hurts. :D
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    I hit the (not so) Secret Number of posts!

    I just happened to notice... check out the number of posts: Do I get some kind of prize? :cool:
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    Shaolin Soccer

    I laughed my ass off, especially at the very end: Shaolin Soccer If this shit could really happen, Soccer/Football would finally take hold in the U.S. :throwstar I'm posting it over at TW too... it deserves to be seen there too....
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    Now that's either dedication, or lack of a life....

    link Ya gotta admit, the attention to detail, let alone the planning necessary, is impressive. Wonder if it floats?
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    W X R T

    Ro will appreciate this, as will anyone that likes Alternative music. And by Alternative, I mean in the way that it originally meant: music that didn't fit any of the established definitions. I guess these days it's classified as Adult Alternative. Whatever. Anyway... a Chicago radio station...
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    HL2 Rube Goldberg Device

    Found this via digg... someone had lots of free time.... :ready: LLaP
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    *WHAM!* Oww, that's gonna hurt later....

    Sorry guys, I bumped my head on the door on my way in. Guess I need a beer more than I thought. [Sits down at bar, orders a pint, thanks the barkeep, and takes a nice, long drink] AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH... much better. No, wait.... [takes another drink] Ah... now I'm better. [looks...