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    Massive FIREFLY online game in the making!!!

    Firefly, the concept that would not die. Multiverse is moving forward with a Firefly/Serenity MMORPG which could prove to be not only interesting but succesful. I'll be buying it when it's available. Read the story H E R E
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    A complaint against The Astrobar and Arik

    I found THIS while surfing the web this morning. They also had something to say about THE ASTROBAR too. Crazy, huh? BTW: Happy Birthday Arik!
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    Hey, NX-47 and Stag!

    Hey man, batten down the hatches! I hope this storm and any others that pass through your area this season pass your homes and families by. You know, I sometimes think about moving to Florida, and then I see the storm damage and I appreciate the bitter cold winters here a little more.
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    New virus warning---SERIOUS!!!

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    Deep Purple's Highway Star? Oh nooooo!!!

    I just saw a commercial for the Lincoln Navigator which was using the music of Deep Purple's classic song 'Highway Star'. Civilization is clearly in the final days:(
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    Starforce boycott succesful!

    This news item just appeared on my homepage, Arik and a few others here may be interested...
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    REVIEW: Gun (Gamecube/Playstation/XBOX/PC)

    GUN, by Activision, for Gamecube, Playstation 3, XBOX 360, PC This game is the future of gaming, I believe. It takes place in the untamed West of North America. It's kind of a FPS, but it has an added element to it, it feels like I'm playing a movie. I've been playing it on the Gamecube, and...
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    This was a favorite show of mine when I was a kid. I mentioned it in the discussion about early Star Trek conventions in a reply to NX-47, and it got me to thinking, so I googled it. Cosmonaut may appreciate this link, and for those who have never seen this TV show, do try and check it out...
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    Drinks are on me!

    I just reached 1,000 posts, this is 1,001. Hey barkeep! A round for everybody!!!
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    Spam King busted by Secret Service

    There's some justice in this world! Slashdot There is link to his mugshot on the page as well. They're debating whether this is entrapment, but its not. The Secret Service got this guy, and although there are plenty of scum still out there who do this, there is one less spammer off...
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    Online music sales without copy protection?
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    I just noticed...

    ...that SKYPE is a contact option now. Does anyone here have/use SKYPE yet?
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    This is the AstroBar??? WTF???

    I have many googlealerts active right now. One of them is tagged "Astrobar". This morning I recieved an alert for "Astrobar". Astro Bar Is that some form of FOOD on that plate?
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    My take on an Astrobar graphic. Used a NASA font. The entire project, although simple, had to be done on two different applications: GIMP and Pixia, each compensating for each other's weaknesses. EDIT: Oohhh, I just noticed a really glaring flaw in the picture:mad:
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    smilies and editing?

    Hey Arik: What happened to all those cool smilies that we used to have around here? Also, when I go into edit mode, there used to be a form that had all kinds of tools for editing, including an easy way to change font color and size. It appears only as a blank form box for entering text...